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Different views:
Indigenous peoples and Amazonia:
Friends and colleagues:
  • Barclay ShepardMaster angler, film maker and my brother
  • Bia Labate: Tireless author, loyal friend and leading scholar on Brazilian ayahuasca religions and neo-shamanism
  • David Abram: Writer, magician, deep ecologist, author of "Spell of the Sensuous"
  • David Arora: Friend, research collaborator and mycologist extraordinaire
  • Douglas Yu: Manu research collaborator and veteran of many long hauls
  • John Lee Matney: Artist, friend and photography mentor since second grade
  • Jonathan Ames: College friend, writer and "Bored to Death" creator
  • Kim MacQuarrie: Author, filmmaker and companion on many adventures
  • Scott Wallace: National Geographic writer/filmmaker
  • Smith Curry: Berkeley bluegrass friend, mountaineer and Nashville session cat
  • Taal Levi: Math genius, field survivor, A+ ethnobotanist and deep woods Alaskan blogger
  • Wade Davis: National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and ethnosphere pioneer
  • William Rubel: Food historian, esoteric baker and mushroom enthusiast