1992     Grace of the Flood: Mushrooms and Mayan Culture in Chiapas (Part 1, Part 2), featuring David Arora. Ethnographic video (20 min.) about traditional knowledge and use of mushrooms among the Tzeltal and Tzotzil Maya of Chiapas.  RoleProduction, directing and editing.

1993      Spirits of the Rainforest (Superflow Productions/The Discovery Channel). Narrated by Linda Hunt. Ethnographic/natural history film (90 min.) about biological and anthropological research in Manu National Park.  Winner of two Emmy Awards: "Best Cultural/Information Film," and "Best Original Score" (September 1994).  Role: Anthropological consultant, on-camera interviews, additional cinematographer.

1994      The Spirit Hunters (Superflow Productions/The Discovery Channel). Narrated by James Earl Jones. Ethnographic film (50 min.) about Matsigenka ethnobotany, hunting lore, mythology and shamanism. Winner, "CINE Golden Eagle" (May 1995).  Role: Associate producer, anthropological consultant, on-camera interviews, additional cinematographer.

1995      Zapatistas: Voices on the Edge of Revolution (with Thor Anderson). Ethnographic video (50 min.) about the reflections of ordinary Maya people, Mexican townspeople and Zapatista soldiers on the Zapatista uprising.  Winner "Best Student Film," Society for Visual Anthropology Film Festival (November 1995). Role: Production, directing, filming and editing.

1997       Manu: Peru's Hidden Rainforest (ABC Kane/PBS). Narrated by Robert James Olmos. Natural history film (60 min.) about Manu National Park.  Winner, "Best Natural History Film," Jackson Hole Film Festival (October 1997). Role: Anthropological consultant, web design for Native Peoples of Manu.

2000      Secrets of the Vine, Documentary film on Amazonian ethnobotany, aired in Norway by National Broadcasting (NRK). Role: Anthropological consultant, on-camera interview.

2006      H20: Pumped up for Peace [Episode 2, Clip 1] (PBS/Channel 13). Documentary segment covering the Huacaria sanitation and water project in a Peruvian indigenous community as funded by House of the Children and sponsored by the United Nations. Role: Anthropological consultant, on-camera interview.

2010      Beast Man: Amazon Nightmare (Icon Films/National Geographic). Documentary segment about the legendary "Mapinguary" creature of Amazonia, thought by some to be a folkloric memory of an extinct giant sloth. Role: Anthropological consultant, on-camera interview.

2011      Infinite Jest, with John Lee Matney. Après-garde art film (8 min.) inspired by David Foster Wallace's novel. Judged "Best in Show" by the curator of a 2011 exhibit and film festival honoring Wallace's work. Role: Screenplay, directing, filming, editing and sound design.