March 19, 2012

"Astronaut of the Human Soul": In Memoriam - Steven Rubenstein

Anthropology is a special vocation; you and I did not select the ordinary job or anything close to it.  We are astronauts of the human soul, half scientist  and half explorer, part poet and part trickster.

-- Steven Rubenstein (1962 - 2012)

This month, the anthropological community lost a provocative and productive scholar, a passionate advocate for indigenous rights, a generous colleague and a gentle friend.  He will be sorely missed.  


For more about Steven's life and work: 

"Astronauts" quote by Steven courtesy of Juan Pablo Sarmiento Barletti


Amazonian anthropology lost another "astronaut of the human soul" this month with the death of Neil Lancelot Whitehead:
see "Dark Shamans, Goth and Kittens"


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